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"Jupiter with Io & Europa - February 13, 1979"

"Jupiter with Io & Europa" is an awesome photo of the titan planet by Voyager 1 nearing the culmination of an 18 month journey through deep space. With its Great Red Spot and banded, turbulent atmosphere, Jupiter, large enough to contain 1400 Earths, looms imposingly behind two of its moons, each about the size of Earth's Moon, in this view taken by the Voyager 1 spacecraft from about 12.4 million miles away.

Io, the moon at the left, in front of the Great Red Spot, is Jupiter's innermost satellite, and was one of the biggest surprises - a brilliant red-orange world with more than 100 active volcanoes, shooting umbrella-shaped plumes of sulfur particles more than 200 miles above Io's surface! These unique volcanoes, the only active ones known outside the Earth, seem to be ejecting molten sulfur (which accounts for Io's color) at a temperature of a few hundred degrees C, not molten rock at more than 1000 C as volcanoes do on Earth. The heat comes, not from radioactivity as in the Earth, but from tidal forces that act on it as it swings around huge Jupiter.

Europa is a whitish moon, its surface probably a thick icy crust overlying a rocky core. It resembles a smooth billiard ball and comprises perhaps the flattest real estate in the solar system.

Though still 12.4 million miles distant, Jupiter provides a dramatic backdrop to moons Io and Europa, whole new worlds in their own right. Order this series of fine space prints for your home and office TODAY! 

 Comment from a customer:

 "I have seen two large lithographs in our laboratory, and would like to know if they are still available. They are very impressive. The ones hanging are 'Lunar Earthrise' and 'Sunset over Chryse Planitia, Mars', and a small one, 'Jupiter with Io and Europa'"'. - L.D.M., Bellevue, WA 

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