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"The Great Red Spot - March 1, 1979"

The Great Red Spot that so baffled and intrigued astronomers for over 300 years is here revealed by Voyager 1 as a huge, swirling cyclone of powerful beauty - large enough to hold three Earths!

Swirling counterclockwise in about 6 days, it produces highly contorted patterns at its left, where cloud banks moving left to right are blocked and forced to squeeze past it. Smaller white oval storms, about the size of Earth, create similar turbulent effects below the Red Spot. Jupiter's atmosphere is composed almost entirely of colorless hydrogen and helium; the colors come from small amounts of unknown substances, perhaps compounds of sulfur and phosphorous.

 Jupiter's turbulent, colorful, gaseous atmosphere seen from 3 million miles resembles fine abstract art in this beautiful 21" x 16" full-color print from Woodstock Products. 

Comments from customers:

"As director of the Enrico Fermi Planetarium, serving the astronomy educational needs of the children in the Enfield, CT public school system, for the past nine years, I am familiar with the high quality of your products." - J.R.Y., Wilbraham, MA

"I teach a large astronomy course at Mt. Holyoke College. I really was most impressed with the samples of your work I've seen published." - J.L.D., S. Hadley, MA 

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