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Testimonial Page

Some comments from our customers:

Over the past few years, I've obtained from you, much to my great satisfaction, Earthrise, Martian Sunset, and Full Jupiter. I've framed the prints in metal frames utilizing non-glare glass and displayed them in my 8th grade science classroom. Needless to say, they are very stimulating in any setting. Thank you. - T.R.S., Las Vegas, NV

I received my print. Now I truly know the meaning of the phrase "out of this world!". Thanks for making it available. It should be in every schoolroom around the world. Thanks also for packing it so carefully - it arrived in perfect condition. I hope to order others in the near future. Thank you again for a beautiful print. - V.J.N., Howell, NJ

About a year and a half ago we purchased "Earth Rise" for display in one of the buildings we occupy. Someone seemed to enjoy it so much it was stolen. - F.F., Penn State Univ., University Park, PA

The Martian Sunset and Earth Rise are the most beautiful pictures that I have ever laid eyeballs on. I eagerly await your future pictures. - E.O.G., Portland, OR

As director of the Enrico Fermi Planetarium, serving the astronomy educational needs of the children in the Enfield, CT public school system, for the past nine years, I am familiar with the high quality of your products. - J.R.Y., Wilbraham, MA

Received the photo of "Full Jupiter" today. It really is superb! I've not seen anything comparable on sale in Europe. - R.S., Potters Bar, England

I took your Orion Nebula to a frame shop & had it framed & My God is it Beautiful! Unlike most pictures I can sit & gaze at this beautiful sight to the exclusion of all else! I've had to give your address to all of my friends as they too, want this and others. As an amateur astronomer, what else can I say? I love it, and you! Keep up the good work! P.S. The picture really goes good with my furniture. It's almost as though it were made for my living room. - M.S., Aberdeen, SD

The photo arrived - and is very beautiful. A certain grandson is going to be delighted with "Earth Rise" for a Christmas surprise. - E.M.B., Portland, OR

Recently I noticed one of your photographs ("Earth Rise from the Moon") in an associate's office and was quite struck by its beauty. Speed a catalog to me. - J.D.R., Cincinnati, OH

The Woodstock outer-space print is being framed for display in my office and already has attracted considerable interest. Several people have already asked me as to where I obtained the print and I am quite sure that in the future a great many clients will ask me the same. In this country there seems to be no comparable product. We will be ordering several prints from you in the future. - A.H.S., Farnham, England

I've seen your great posters of Jupiter, Lunar Earthrise, Sunset over Chryse Planitia Mars and so on. I wonder where & how I can get a hold of them. - C.J., Rexburg, ID

The eight Woodstock prints are so beautiful and mix well with my poster of Columbia.There has been such a beautiful response in our classroom. Thanks for bringing interest and a lot of color to us. - E.H.S., Monroe WA

We are really astonished to see the beauty of your production. It is simply superb!! We have no words to express our feelings... - Prof. V.D.S., Dhule, India

Thousands of people visited my astronomical exhibition - in which your "Earthrise" & "Sunset on Mars" were displayed as exhibits - and were highly delighted and pleased to see your products. People were spending more time to enjoy more and more the beauty and wonder they realized through them. - Prof. V.D.S., Dhule, India

It is indeed a great pleasure to see the new addition - that of the planet Saturn - to your picture gallery of celestial objects. Simply wonderful!! - Prof. V.D.S., Dhule, India

Photographs received. They are truly out of this world. - A. W. F., Middlesex, England

Very pleased to receive your Martian Sunset and Earth with Moon. I am delighted with them. Many thanks. - A.W.F., Middlesex, England

A friend of mine ordered the "Lunar Earthrise" from your company and I immediately had to have one. Thank you. - D.M.S. - Pompano Beach, FL

After seeing some of your astronomical posters I was very impressed and would like to own some of these fine prints. Send me an order form. Thanks you. - G.A., Wilmette, IL

My order has been received - superb quality! - C.R.B. - Murfreesboro, TN

Print arrived this morning in great shape & I love it. Thanks. - R.S.N., Boston, MA

We are nearly ready to decorate a new home and those beautiful NASA color prints look like great art. - D.K., Janesville, WI

I still consider this to be the most spectacular group of photos, ever. - B.L., Charlotte, NC

A package arrived from you yesterday in response to my recent order. The prints are just beautiful! - D.V.K., Marietta, OH

I think your prints of the "Bringing Outer Space Down to Earth" series are very beautiful. I especially like the "Martian Sunset" print. - E.J., Berkeley, CA

I saw one of your "Martian Sunset" photographic art prints, was very impressed., and was given your address as the source. - B.B., Berkeley, CA

I recently acquired a beautiful poster of yours called "Lunar Earthrise - July 31, 1969". Do you sell others? - D.A.H., Pittsburgh, PA

Today I received in the mail the Martian Sunset. It is very beautiful. - B.H., Wading River, NY

Tremendous pictures. - M.M.M., Redwood City, CA

Beautiful, Glorious! - J.L.L., KCET, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you. It's Fantastic! - G.V., Norwalk, CT

Thank you very much for sending me these excellent pictures. I am already having them permanently framed. - S.E.R., Artarmon, NSW, Australia

I wish I could have bought them all! - L.J.D., Los Angeles, CA

In the recent past year I have bought to you a beautiful color art print called "Martian Sunset" and now I want to buy you as soon as you will make a print about the planet Jupiter. A.A.G., Santiago, Chile

The art-print "Earth Rise" has been received and is very enjoyable. - W.R.C., Jackson, MI

I teach a large astronomy course at Mt. Holyoke College. I really was most impressed with the samples of your work I've seen published. - J.L.D., S. Hadley, MA

About a year ago, I purchased "Martian Sunset" and "Lunar Earthrise". My husband and I are very happy to have the prints. - A.H., Cincinnati, OH

I have seen two large lithographs in our laboratory, and would like to know if they are still available. They are very impressive. The ones hanging are "Lunar Earthrise" and "Sunset over Chryse Planitia, Mars", and a small one, "Jupiter with Io and Europa". - L.D.M., Bellevue, WA

I recently received your poster of the Lunar Earthrise. I like it very much. I know lots of people who will want posters of it. - N.R.M. - Raleigh, NC

Your prints have arrived and once again I am very pleased with your quality. - P.S., Christchurch, New Zealand

The print recently received was incredibly beautiful. Are others available? - D.G., Danielson, CT

I recently saw the "Lunar Earthrise" poster - it's a beautiful piece of work. - D.H., San Diego, CA

We have been very pleased & impressed by your quality and service! - K.T., Wellton, AZ

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